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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

MGTOW: Medical School & Marriage Woes

I was reading this article at Medical School Success.  It was written in July 2013 approximately.
In it, Alex pointed to the reality of a woman doing medical school, and of course, becoming a doctor.

What She Wants: Hypergamy in An Actionable Nutshell

"Women would prefer to marry a guy that is more successful, makes more money, has a higher status, is taller, and is better educated." - The Author of the Article

One response, from a female, reflects why you can't reason with a female.

What Alannah Needs To Hear: Why This Won't Work & This Is A Global Problem

Women today - in America, Europe, Australia - are having trouble marrying. The marriage rate in America is at a 40 year low; the divorces to marriages (totals) are 48% (1.1M divorce/2.27M marriages.)

The incentive for men to get hitched is completely gone. Because - and I know this from personal and statistical information  reviewed - men don't get equitable treatment before the courts, and frankly, the rewards (children from the golden vagina) are the only thing that tethers a man; and yet, those are being raised by countless single moms, very badly.

Don't pretend that isn't the case, audience. High levels of autism, social awkwardness, obesity, oversensitivity, and unrealistic and narcissistic tendencies (to name a few) of the outcomes of no male influences, role models, or disciplining in life have arose out of the slanted biases growing in the past half-century. In short, I will blame modern, 3rd wave feminism and the cowardly men that allowed it to come to pass. Time to tell all women the truth.

The statement, "It’s because most women aren’t that vapid," above, is not at all true. Because of entitlement, 3rd wave feminist doctrine, railing against men (calling us members of the "patriarchy") when females (particularly, Caucasian ones) are the most privileged group of souls on this Earth, leaves me glad I am single - and enjoy life because of it.

I don't lose sleep anymore over women. Trying to please them is a fruitless exercise in, "it is never enough." And my life, to me, is better applied to pursuits that have a beginning, a middle, and end. No games or mind reading about what a female wants - which is ever changeable and always growing - compared to my own definition of succeeding. But I digress.

Great Education, Job, But No Man? Why?

So, young women make more money (in your 20s) than men of the same age and education. Yet, they complain about opportunity - but its biased outcomes, really they seek. I don't see many women doing construction jobs, plumbing, fishing, building roads, or the other dirty jobs. It's all about: doctors, lawyers, judges, media stars, CEOs, investment banking, and top politics. Why?

So they can dominate the narrative (as shown below), change the rules further to advantage themselves in every conceivable manner. Cause they all rock, right? Meanwhile, men - oh, we don't measure up to their education, money desires, looks, or whatever triggers that hypergamy. But, we just make sure they have things like food, shelter, roads, cellphones, vehicles, and oh, pay taxes to those social institutions that they keep contorting directly against men with pseudoscience and hostile environments to discussion of real world problems. Again, a lot of males are to blame here too.

As Alex suggested in his post, from his experience, there are women who are fairly pedestrian in the looks category which did take home the blue collar bloats. This probably is being too nice. As women are marrying later, if at all, and holding out for that "special guy." And soon enough, no guys are looking at her, and she get bitter, more deluded, and Mr. Meowgi, the cat, becomes her only man. It's sad - because - many, many guys attempted to woo her, if she had even a modicum of looks.

As this clip today reflects on educational and looks factors in the entire video, but especially, from 5:48 for men; 6:50 for women. At around 7:20 a study shows the stark differential in how men really accept a wide array of women from dating sites; whereas, women are skewed, and thus, very, very, VERY, picky.

So, it's all delusional BS. Because women know what they want - but they can't have it. (Without an abandonment of direction -- it's called Life Choices.)
So Alannah, and others of her ilk, can state (with their suddenly cool detached icy demeanor of disliking any mansplaining to them) that they are perfectly able to "settle" for ordinary bloats that can pay the bills - oh, those Beta men will very likely pay all of them, especially if they aren't exceptional -  but the studies reflected above, lend credence that she'll jump ship to the next man (if her feelings are that she has some value on the mating market yet to exploit.) In short, loyalty to any direction is specifically tied back to her hypergamous nature.

In the medical field, women are not gonna beat the clock of looks, and consistently mate with anyone of a higher status, because: a man has to see her as attractive based on an inverted role reversal/position. He'd have to value much higher her talents, her personality and caregiving skills (assuming that isn't distorted by obtaining much higher education) over her looks and ability to bear offspring that are healthy (the role that evolution biology designed inherently for her.)

Oh, and be single and moral and loyal too. Details are indeed everything.

So, the construct of being highly successful personally and professionally is quite delusional too. Sure, you can have the façade of it -- Hillary had the appearance of it with the daughter, career, ultimate Alpha male (that of course, cheated.) Many others trek that path - the exceptions will prove the rule. The 1% of women that may make it work, somehow, are just the narcissistic cocktail for all other women to pursue until she's: bitter and blaming ALL men for the path SHE took.

Expecting some man to bail you out of that path is pretty much what men do, if they are whipped enough to ignore all your choices made. (Note: men make horrible choices too in life. Due to programming as well. Sadly, that program, we were given, has been ever skewed by the rise of media, single feminist moms, lack of male guidance, and a lauding of women's rights over men's natural roles. But we men must sort that out ourselves.)

Lastly, I can also relate that my mother was very practical, not a looker, and that she operated a business for twenty plus years. She divorced and never dated again. But, of course, she wasn't "that successful" but, I respected her outlook and realism, even when she could be quite emotional too. That said, she made choices. I can respect that in anyone, women or men, alike.

There is plenty more to talk to on this topic. But I felt the need to weigh in accordingly.
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