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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Long Lost Mix Tape: You're feeling me if you are over 25

I was digging through some stuff when I found a early 90's mix tape. Compilation Music then kids was on tape. Just like before that, their were reel to reels, 8-tracks and 33-45-78 records. Scary to say it, but I was always making up mix tapes for potential girlfriends that never were in my league...(Hey, I was 16-21, you do that crap.)

So here's some the songs, via the Youtube channel:
The Shamen - Move Any Mountain. Techno laden, good beat, great lyrics for the genre, TERRIBLE video. DAMN TERRIBLE. I got into The Shamen for about 2 years.

New Order - Blue Monday. Awesome song in various incarnations. The drum licks on this spin are smokin'. Video of course has a raw feel...hogpog of images.

Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb. For all the Floydheads in the city proper. Love the guitar work at the backend of this joint. (7:30-8:40) Live version was the one recorded on my mix - I saw them in 1993-94??? at University of Wisconsin. Awesome. Light show as per usual.

Dave Matthews Band - Best of What's Around. A very good song in any form. Very good and telling lyrics about love. Dave is quite the musician.

NIN - Closer. Now, the lyrics are rather tame. Then, I was quite "violated." Was quite the Club song for 1994-95. The VIDEO is still sick and off the hook!!!

The Cure -Just Like Heaven. I know, lame. But it was a mix tape in the early 1990's. Robert Smith did some killer work on other tunes. This one is way too commercial.
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