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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Haitus: One Month of vacation (I get no sleep) and Batman/Spiderman Obama

I will be on a long-term hiatus from blogging for one month.
Please check out Anythingwritten, home to thing everything written in various mediums over the past 15 years. (While not quite everything, but it's a sample of stuff.)

2009 has started out rough but I guess it can only get better...Murphy please go catch the flu and don't come around here no more.

Barack Obama new plan calls for 3.5 million jobs to be added. Every month of 500,000+ jobs lost means Obama has to add $100 Billion or so to the price tag of the stimulus just to keep up with the deterioration of the US Economy. Talk about being a man behind an eight ball.

Israel/Gaza war. Pakistan/India. Darfur. Iraq. Afghanistan. Russia's little nat gas game. And oh, China's passing up Japan as the 2nd largest world economy. And China isn't even a mature economy. Growing, wide disparities and no civil rights or social safety net. And yes, still communist. Boy, did we make some strange bed fellows during the Conservative Revolution (1978-2007.)
I also need one of those jobs. Can you save me, President Obama?

Meanwhile, back in Gotham, USA, Batman Obama, the world's smartest crime-fighting, economic-genius, foreign policy master President (we hope) has to fight The Joker, Two-Face, Dr. Freeze and The Penguin without Robin or Batgirl since they haven't been introduced into President Obama's cabinet yet. (Maybe in the next movie installment.)

Obama is also a fan of Spiderman. See him in a collectors' issue.

Well, I need some sleep. (Not really.) But only to close out this blog for a month, I'll send you out to Faithless' Insomnia. (Live)

We, Americans, need to have faith. Else it is going to be a very tough road ahead. Don't Sleep.

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