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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cycles: The World Is Full of Them

I don’t think you have to be a rocket scientist or a Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry/Physics or Literature to know the world operates on natural cycles and human-created ebbs and flows.
We live by a clock that tells us - those that function on a routine - to get up and go out and change our planet. We watch the seasons for when to plant and when to feel better about ourselves. (Seasonal Affect Disorder…) We determined the cycle of the galaxy - ask our Mayan friends, oh yeah, we destroyed them - and wait on a big event that likely will come and go without a wimper…like the Millennium Bug.
We design our lives and livelihood around elections, stock market rises (and falls) and the next big thing in tech, entertainment or social discord. We pray every Sunday if we are faithful Christians; every Saturday if Jewish; and multiple times per day if Muslim. The larger cycles of weather (El Nino, the ocean currents, ice ages, et. al.) influence farming, living arrangements, and where we find ourselves in the future.
We just function on a cycle - ask any woman.
But the cycles created by other bipeds are the most annoying, for they, usually leave those without the resources and connections twisting in the wind hoping to catch a sail boat that will export them to safety and security land again.
We’ve seen this phenomenon with Globalization. The creative destruction of America - shipping off costly labor forces to cheaper lands in the SE Asia. This cycle is neither inherently good or bad - it just is. But the powers behind such a shift can be seen as promotely a timely shift in power from one arena to another…at the expense of Americans.
As Britain dominated the 19th century, and America the 20th, so shall China dominate the 21st. But this is all about empires - the rise and fall, the ebb and flow - and they too will see someone take over (or take back) their dominion.
Meanwhile, forces unseen, but often spoken about, will continue to contort the world to their cycle of power and supremacy. The cycle will go on - passively, like this post - but will be just as willing to punch the clock and do the time here.
Let me know when the rinse cycle is up on your washer. It’s time to dry ourselves out.
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