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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Conan O'Brien: BLOW up my Car!!!

I submitted to Conan's contest to blow up a car on the Tonight Show. I believe I should win because:
1) My car indeed sucks, even if it were just a point A to point B ride
2) Using it to do papers, it sucks even MORE - I have to make sure I don't lock myself out while driving nearly 27,000 miles per year.
3) Winter time is coming and it REALLY BLOWS - therefore, blow it up.

Here's my 120 word submission:
I’ve delivered stale daily newspapers in MY TANK for 15 months. It has NO
power steering but provides good exercise cheaply. The front windows don't come
down, NO A/C , and the child locks refuse to be disabled. Driver's door unlocks
only from inside. Houdini would scratch his head.

The radio has only FM - but I love sports talk on AM. It uses a quart of
oil per week and gets 16 MPG at a cost of $400 per month. The TANK is
desperately seeking a suicide - give it what it wants. My livelihood depends on
a death trap: I can't afford to replace it, but it’s killing me
financially. BLOW IT UP, PLEASE!!!

I believe it is BLOW UP WORTHY. What do you think?
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