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Friday, December 11, 2009

The Lie of the Tiger: Don't Quit Golf Because of a Lie

If I were advising Tiger Woods, I would tell him to stick to golfing and forget the wife. (Not the kids.)

Direct Conversation Style
"Mr. Woods. Look we all know (now) you had a cadre of classless concubines which is par for the course, of course, in infidelity. It took little imagination to round up the usual suspects in the 'I gotta have some companionship' while your wife and mother-in-law were getting on your very last nerve. The fact you did not get caught for several years while laying The Wood to these lucky ladies for an evening is to your credit, and shame.

Now, though, it is time to look forward instead of at the behinds you were waxing along the way to being the best golfer in the world. The world is not going to stop. Money can be remade. And it does zero good to stay in a loveless marriage.

How can I say loveless? Mr. Woods you must have married for the convenience of having a wife and kids. People in your circle - friends, you will say, but mostly parasitic playas - deemed it appropriate to have said wife. Need quality and breeding though, no bimbos need apply. So you did it - with zero committment to the plan. I can almost hear you say, after the honeymoon, "Now what?"

Aside from the game of golf, what have you ever excel at? You are very intelligent no doubt, but how does one get good at something that takes real work, communication, time, committment to succeed at? (Marriage not golf.)

Elin is now laying the wood to your life. Making demands. Give the "I'll leave, or else" order. Forget that. You have to see things for what they are. It's been a sham and a shameful expression of love on your part, but it will be a holy nightmare to stay with her now. You are not going to repair something that did not work all that well to begin with.

You got two young kids, very young, so young they won't know until they internet search these posts years from now. By then, you can be happier, married again (or not) and Elin can share the burden while sucking on your wallet until both kids are grown.

You can repair your image with tell-all books (and book deals) and Oprah appearances, etc. You can be the best playa on and off the course. That's up to you.

Or, you can be a miserable, imprisoned fool that will be reminded of your sins (transgressions) until St. Peter comes knocking.

I think you can still be a great man. It won't be with Elin around. But people forgive that don't have to know anything or do anything for you.

Think about it. Don't throw your club away for keeping a bent-out-of-shape wife. She is not worth the tournament of a lifetime."
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