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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Old Must Go!: Manifesting Astrological Constraints & Mysteries

I like astrology and tarot readings. They are an enjoyable piece of pseudo-science that make a day often more interesting than it really is. Sure, you can be slave to the hum-drum beat into you since childhood, or posit, "I will not waste my time on this frivolous reading," knowing your great ancestors (some not so great ones too) often rolled the bones, I-chinged and divined their futures based on the alignment of our celestial orbs.

So, what do we have today?

Uranus is opposing Saturn for the 4th time in a cycle of 5 occurences. From my very rudimentary understanding of astrology, Uranus is often the explosive, unorthodox, and liberating planet and Saturn is the basis of constraints, structure, morality, and learning from prior experiences. These two planets are like Mortal Combat opponents - much like the far Left and far Right in U.S. politics.

The last time these bodies opposed was in the mid-1960s. For those that were alive - the pot was good (sometimes), the politics were volcanic, and the Vietnam War divided a nation. Happy times by all: not so much.

But America survived.

In today's realm, these two were in exact opposition when Barack Obama was elected president in 2008. Should not have to say more about what he represents astrologically in America.

For my own part, today I did a tarot reading in which the cards of tarot are laid out on the wheel above.

Highlights: The Empress Card fell on the house of Mysteries. Denoting I should mother along my unknown or undiscovered desires in business, love, and the like.

The Ten of Pentacles fell in my Family Matters house. This reflects fortunate times, an 'all is well' attitude. Which should inspire me to be content. (I know otherwise, so far.)

The Nine of Swords landed in my body-mind section. This could mean disruption or avoidance of certain realities as if I am afraid. (Ding!)

The Emperor card arose in my Future Potential section. This could mean I am capable of reaching new heights, but I should be aware to credit others and put forth a consistent message.

All and all, I liked the reading - I did it all by myself, without the constraints of someone else's intepretation or moneyed desires.

More on Sat-Uranus opposition & Presidential outcomes here.
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