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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Baby Steps: The Maneuvers of The Day

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How does one define whether they are making progress? I suppose it starts with actually doing something to improve the direction you are going towards. Like, today, I bought business cards for DCF Press. 20 bones for 500 cards and a t-shirt with my logo on it. Seems pretty mundane to the average big shot that reads my blog ("Hello, I need some VC, or better yet, angel investment, got money?") Yet, for someone like myself, whose last decade was a lost decade - a tired metaphor for describing Japan, and now, maybe the United States - doing anything like this is a start of motion out of crib, or
the Chrysalis stage of a butterfly, the time when we know going forward is an action.

This stage is necessary to get the ball rolling - to make investments though, as is stands, I have no income right now. (I suspect I'll be funding this venture though with money acquired through the dead-end jobs I want to escape and some student loans I plan to sign the dotted line to get.) But be that as it may, one thing I have avoided: editing. For some reason, though I know I've gone through countless revisions of one title - and put out a few other ideas - this fetters on.

Reading a book on screenplay writing -Syd Field's Foundations - this paraphrased tidbit helped:
"the last bit of work in a screenplay may not go smooth. You may write and rewrite and procrastinate. It is your love of the work, like reading the final chapters of a book, where you have grown to love the characters, the dilemmas, the heartbreaks, the story...too much to let it go, so you save the last few pages. And that is ok. So, don't worry."

I did that lately with my baseball title. I am afraid to revisit it. Because, I know it will be done. (That and a pesky desire to prove some things can have a better end...)

So, it is baby steps. And the 1000 words, and focus. The planning out of a different course. Ending something I started way back when no one but me gave a damn. Oh, that hasn't changed...yet.

Time to walk taller, and with a greater purpose...maybe to the moon!

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