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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Keeping up with The Joneses: The Social Media Changes...Daily

I got into a craze this weekend. First, to update a website (dcfpress.com) and get on board with the new widgets and sites related to social media. It took only a few hours - as I updated, uploaded, and connected back to those places, both new and old.

The landscape has changed so much since I first got going on this island of information overload.  When I first got into it, around 2003, my friend at the time was doing a soon-to-be social networking causality: inwyk.com. It was very active for awhile - about 5,000 users, which was big in 2003 - then, poof! it went into the dustbin of history. To the web designer's credit, he put A LOT into his baby then. It was just...too much to do by himself, nearly. (He got some marginal assistance - but never got the platform totally worked out. Had the LinkedIn and Facebook idea going on - just too focused on converting it into cash ASAP. The biz model had changed - social media was different.)

Today, I can do all of what his site wanted to do (2003, remember) with barely a thought. I updated my LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Scribd, Klout, Blogger, and Google+ accounts within a couple of hours. Then played (worked) on all of them. Like Moore's law, things are gettin' awfully fast.

Keeping up with the platforms and the modifying information, and sharing, is not so hard. Its the tour of 5-10 of them with the thought: do I live online, or out in the real world? To be clear, I was on a laptop, ostensibly to edit a book - never happened - instead, I was first doing the website edit, pulling down widgets (new), and looking for new ways to build a social media platform for future usage.

If you knew me, you would know how much different this is for me. I'd rather be playing baseball or basketball, or watching football. Or something else - more social, less techie. The phone thing is overdone - and I don't currently possess a super smart phone, (a bit retarded), I suppose.

Keeping up with all the social media world is at once a snap, but a chore, like doing laundry. If I am going to spread my verbal platform to the four spheres of social media - quick updates, long form posts, uploaded content, and social circles - I better get into the weekly habit. Like setting my fantasy football or baseball team. Just one more thing.

A closer for the week: A tight song I enjoy because it gets my blood pumping, a la the NBA pre-game.

Another electronica song I can boom loud and proud, if I owned a car that did that:

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