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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness: USS Vengeance & Fish

This is my 2nd preview review. Say that fast.

Spock is in a volcano attempting to detonate a volcano-stopping device. Audiences get a visual upgrade and design flow of the command deck of the Enterprise, refit #1 in the trailer below. It reminds slightly of the original show mixed with a much better forward visual display (:04), and a amazing color palette than ever before. At (:23) seconds in, a surprise life form pops out behind Scotty (Simon Peg). In that the Enterprise is voyaging like SSRN Seaview from the 1960s (below), adds dimension to what we saw in trailers where the Enterprise seems to crash land, but I suspect a different moment in the film for that event.

A review went up from the Australian premiere. Frankly, the review is pointless; does little to pump one to watch the best action-adventure Star Trek in the last 30 years, since Wrath of Khan.

The U.S.S. Vengeance (left) looks the part of a bad ass warship. It's an eerie cross between a Borg vessel and the Star Trek Nemesis Romulan warbird.

From our Aussie reviewer, this action occurs in 2233. I call that stardate out. Canon puts Chris Pike as Captain in the 2250s and 2260s. And that is Kirk's birthdate - even in the relaunch. Reflecting either inaccurate reporting, or poor film timeline discussion.

I suppose the following happens:
1) Enterprise starts on a mission that involves a Volcano - saving a culture (prime directive is mentioned by Spock)
2) Enterprise comes back to Earth - heroes once again.
3) John Harrison attacks and lays down the gauntlet in London & San Francisco
4) Kirk & crew boards on a chase mission
5) Surprise! Vengeance is waiting - battle
6) Kirk & Crew goes aboard another vessel
7) Klingons! Starfleet renegades! A 3rd planet is involved!
8) Plot resolution.

I have not seen it. But I will suspect I got something right in this sequencing.

That said, here is some cool poster picks from Hollywood News.

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