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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Apologizes to Burma: You too could be a victim of America

This situation has been going on for at least two decades (the last time Burmese people held an uprising) and yet, very little is mentioned in the United States about the plight of the people looking to throw off the shackles of military rule.

I plead some ignorance on this topic. Only recently (in the past month) has it made it way on my radar via the broadcasting of the BBC. They report nightly (4AM) on the struggles of the monks & general population to present the case for a democratic rule.

Today, the considerable intellect that is George 'Dubba You' Bush remarked on the Burma-brewing conflict at the United Nations. Interesting tact by him to suddenly became 'aware' of that long-standing conflict, since we know so well how his "interest" in other problems and situations are usually carried out. Its not enough that he is only interested where the money (oil) is, but he has not been a outspoken leader on anything remotely related to civil rights and democracy. (Since his administration has done plenty of damage to that U.S. Constitution.)

Burmese people are led in spirit (and opposition to the military junta) by Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi who has been under house arrest most of the last 18 years. Even now, she is headed back to prison, which can not be a pleasant place to be. She defeated the military regime in an election which suddenly wasn't an election, as the military took over and arrested her.

In a country of 43 million people, located just to the south of China, another wonderful establishment of peace, equal rights and prosperity for all, it is little wonder this "secret regime" has continue on with little ado. And the United States interest in 'spreading democracy' has fallen by the wayside - since winning the 'hearts and minds' of 89% of the population that is Buddhist is considered a weighty task.
Plus, the country is not in the arms race. So no real threat is posed by this backward country or its backward leadership.
With our bitter failures and defeats in the SE Asia war of Vietnam, with Laos and Cambodia representing equally distressing areas of failure, Burma is just another country we would rather avoid, instead of taking up the mantle of freedom and placing it firmly on the country. Since the U.S. has a ongoing, capitalistic relationship with superpower China, which holds billions of dollars in debt and obviously produces tons of consumer goods for us, the actions we take are only punitive to a point.
Economic Sanctions. Rhetoric. And backdoor politics headed by China and India. These tend to hurt the people they are trying to help more than any real pain to the junta. Even today the Chinese quietly urge the people of Burma (Myanmar) to quell protests and avoid violence. All in support of their Capitalistic desires for energy supplies and stability in the region. Not to actually change policy to a freer or democratic nation.
Sadly, this situation will escalate if the people of Burma realize it has to finally put the military to the test. And many thousands will likely die for their cause.
The struggle to gain acceptable governance is never easy. Burmese people I wish you well in your struggle - because it has only just begun.

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