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Monday, September 17, 2007

The Police: To Protect and Serve? Or Capture and Kill?

Today, in Gary, IN, long known as the murder capital of the USA, a car accident with four teenagers inside resulted in two deaths. This would not be unusual except for the fact the two deaths were likely a direct result of shoddy, indifferent and criminal police work.

Darius Moore, the driver, Deandre Anderson, Brandon Smith and Dominique Green were coming home from a rap concert/party. According to Moore, the car blew a tire, and he lost control of the vehicle careening down the embankment, resulting in all 4 guys being ejected from the car. (No seat belts I suspect.)

Moore then found Anderson immediately, both suffering only minor injuries, but able to flag down an officer. According to the teenagers, who had no reason to lie, they said both Brandon Smith and Dominique Green were still down in the embankment near a wooded/short grass area. The police have maintained that they got conflicting stories from these boys.

As a result, six (6) hours passed while the boys were at the hospital being treated, and likely telling the medical personal about the accident. Meanwhile, the cops flip the car over, searched minimally, then left the scene and two teenagers without a comprehensive search.

From ABC7 News in Chicago:

More than six hours after the crash, at 9:27 a.m., the coroner was called because Brandon Smith's father took it upon himself to go to the crash scene. Family members found Smith's and Green's bodies in the wooded area. According to the coroner, both had been ejected from the vehicle and died of multiple blunt force trauma.

It took Arthur Smith only 5 minutes to find his dead son, Brandon.

As a result, the Gary Police have clammed up, "trying to get their story straight", while two families and countless others, suffer. This is only one tragic event that has recently befallen my local area of residence, as a result of police indifference and policies that seem to be a pattern of behavior for all local law enforcement.

Since a recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling upheld the rights of officers to engage in dangerous Police Chases of suspects, it seems that is the mode of operation in NW Indiana.

1. August 8th: VALPARAISO, Ind. A crash in Valparaiso, Ind., took the life of a woman and injured three others Wednesday afternoon.The crash occurred on Highway 49, just south of Vale Park Road during a police chase. As CBS 2 Northwest Indiana Bureau Chief Pamela Jones reports, the driver apparently ran a red light.The crunched plastic and shattered glass pinned under a semi-truck is what's left after a police pursuit turned tragic in Valparaiso.A Porter County Sheriff's Deputy was sometime around 2:30 Wednesday afternoon chasing a teenage driver who had a warrant out for his arrest.

2. Apr 15, 2007, a motorist was killed Sunday after leading police in northwest Indiana on a high-speed chase and crashed on I-94 near Chesterton.The driver of the 2003 Trail Blazer was Rose Marie Hurley, 44 of Mokena, Ill.The chase started around 6:30 a.m. in Burns Harbor when a police officer responded to a disturbance at a local truck stop and the person involved in the disturbance got into a Chevrolet Trail Blazer and fled the scene, according to Indiana State Police.

She flipped the vehicle, was ejected from the Blazer, and pronounced dead on the scene.

3. January 29, 2007. Hit-and-run turns deadly. Penny Paul was supposed to marry 44-year-old Cornell Yancey next year.“I can't believe that he's gone,” Paul said.

But police say around 3:30 Monday afternoon, a speeding car running from police ripped Yancey's car apart, killing him. "I couldn't believe it. I mean it's like…It's not real. It's like it's not real. It's like a dream to me,” Paul said.

Police say a Hobart officer spotted a PT Cruiser in Hobart that had been reported stolen.The officer tried to stop the driver for speeding at Ridge Road and Martin Luther King Drive on the border with Gary. "Apparently, he tried to stop the vehicle in Hobart. And in the course of the vehicle fleeing from him, he stayed in hot pursuit of the vehicle as it was traveling through the city of Gary,” sad Anthony Ramirez of the Lake County Indiana Sheriff’s Department.

A few other stories are out there. What I find problematic is that procedures seem to be shifting from a regard for life to a total disregard for any life. These men with their badges, nightsticks, guns and hop-up vehicles, are now in it for the sport of running down their bad guys/girls. The put the public at risk and refuse to concede that they are adding to the misery of this world. And Refuse any sanctions, because no one of importance has died in their willy nilly chases.

Then, when an accident happens, they haphazardly disregard the victim's assertions of two other people being thrown from the car. What does that say about them? That it is more important to go catch more bad guys, or those black teenagers are not all that important.

When Steve Fossett (spelling) went missing, the whole world was interested, no resource was spared. The six coal miners trapped in Utah, again, no stone was left unturned, as days went by. Meanwhile, these two teenagers were found by their own flesh and blood. Couldn't spare them that heartache; they had to be the ones to find their boys.

Meanwhile, the "blue boys" are out trying to run down people that in all these recent cases were not killers, rapists or child molesters, just disorderly, possibly drunk and juvenile offenders. What does that say? It says that public safety is being ignored.

I'll write more later.
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