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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Favorite Shows: Burn Notice

Since I don't have the cool TV hookups that many would jones without, I am stuck sometimes with the channels and shows that network TV pumps up. But I like this one, if only because Miami appeals as a setting, and the concept is fairly, if not totally, unique.

Burn Notice tracks the life of spy-turned-do-gooder Michael Westen (Jeffrey Donovan, recently of Hitch) in his pursuit of why he's been blacklisted from CIA-like operations. His primary goal to secure the TOP SECRET information and discuss the reasons behind the fallout are in counterpoint with the fact he is caught up in his old stomping grounds with mother, brother and ex-girlfriend with psychotic tendencies and IRA training. His friend in spying, Sam (Bruce Campbell), is working both sides of the picture, to keep the peace.
This show is 1980's TV escapism at its best, usually. Tropical setting - like Magnum P.I. - shoot 'em up scenes - like the A-Team - odd character background revealed slowly, unevenly - like a Remington Steele. It isn't always the best writing, however, the cast makes the most of the adventures, and have the chops to pull this show off.
If USA network would put Burn Notice, Psych, Monk on together Monday or Tuesday, they would win ratings wars with ABC, CBS and Fox.
Burn Notice will be back on with new episodes in early July. Something to watch in summer. YIKES!
(I got interrupted in this blog posting - so the quality of writing, well, blew.)

Donovan is likeable in the sense his sarcasm

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