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Saturday, August 9, 2008

In Memoriam: Skidz, the Cat (Summer 1990- August 8, 2008)

I will be putting a picture up soon of my mother's oldest cat, who had a heart attack yesterday. She had a cardiac event/stroke on Thursday, causing her to act very different and glassy eyed staring at things. But the the lasting memory of Skidz was her hiding under the covers so that you could always have a leg warmer at night.

My mother took her in shortly after I went off to school. I guess Skidz kept her company since I was no longer around during the school year. Though never a super-friendly cat, she did mellow as she got older. The last few years I spent more time around her and that added to my remembrance of her.

Yesterday, my mother was a wreck. Really, I think all the recent troubles went into that outpouring of emotion for Skidz. The fact the day was nearly ruined by the fact the "new $500 car" I got was unable to be registered due to a title signature. So, last night I drove it illegally (with mom shotgun) to do the paper route.

Skidz's passing just means my mother has one more loss and one more reason to feel things are stacked against her (and us.) Really, the recent car dilemmas might be at the hands of a mischevious mechanic that has taken advantage of (or sought to sucker her.) A series of misfortunate choices just don't add up. (And things I just got wind of.) So it goes...

Skidz, I know you're better off, not because Mom didn't care or love or do everything to make your life right, but because the time had come and whatever extra existence their might be, you'll be a sight better there than here.

Rest in peace, Skidz.
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