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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Madoff Bunch: Here’s the Story

These three entities (since AIG isn’t a person, except legally) deserve each other.
One is obsessed with motherhood - willing to do the strangest things to be pregnant - and yet, can’t take care of a Yorkie.

Then there is Bernie. Bernard Madoff swindles billions away from a host of snobby elites (and yes, they were elite, else, Bernie wouldn’t know you or I) and has zero conscience about it. Imagine that. Even wants out of jail so he can save his wife’s assets and likely, do himself before he goes to the big house.

$1.8 Billion : J. EZRA MERKIN: The chairman of former General Motors Corp.
financing arm GMAC is a money manager at Ascot Partners LLC in New York, which
is in charge of investing funds from Yeshiva University and numerous Jewish
. One his most vocal investors is Mort Zuckerman’s foundation which is out $30 million.
$300 Million : Fred Wilpon, co-owner of the New York Mets
$280,000: PEDRO ALMODÓVAR: The Spanish filmmaker, known for productions like “All About My Mother“ and for launching the US career of Penelope Cruz.
Millions: JEFFREY KATZENBERG: The DreamWorks Animation CEO
Roughly $230 Million : ARPAD BUSSON/UMA THURMAN/ELLE MACPHERSON: Uma Thurman’s fiancé, Arpad Busson, manages a $12.5 billion hedge fund. Macpherson is his ex.
Millions: ERIC ROTH: The Golden Globe-nominated screenwriter of “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”
$20 Million: NICOLA HORLICK: This British investing superstar.

None of this though is even close to 'the haircut', you, the American taxpayer will take in supporting AIG. $180 Billion up in smoke. $165 Million sent out in bonuses that, while, we may recoup them, what about the other $179.8 Billion??? (You might want to start trading CDS - Credit Default Swaps - to get back some money directly from the source.)

So, to wrap up this little trio of Faces of Crass Behavior, I compose this little ditty set to the Brady Bunch theme:

Here’s the story of the Octalady,
Who was bringing up shitloads of weird babies .
All of them had sperm donors, like their brothers
The youngest ones in foster care.

Here’s the story, of a man name Bernie,
Who was busy bilking thousands of his own.
They were Jews and Gentiles – screwed all together,
Yet they were not alone.

Till the one day when AIG met this maelstrom,
And they knew that it was much more than a hunch.
That this group would somehow form a syndicate.
That’s the way they all became the Madoff Bunch.
The Madoff Bunch, The Madoff Bunch.

That’s the way they became the Madoff Bunch…

Sorry that my rhyme scheme is off.
But then again, these schemers and parasites usage of a rhythm method is about as likely to succeed as I am in getting the CEO job at JPMorganChase, dating the latest it girl, and trying out and playing for Fred Wilpon’s Mets this year.

I’m very tired of being the ball vs. the louisville slugger in the game of the United States of America’s economy/casino run by MBAs that are down with OPM - Other Peoples’ Money - and don’t give reach arounds with their screw jobs.

I have no hope at this moment that our country is going to do better if we don’t send a very strong message to these jokers of economic jihad that we Americans are fed up with the crying game after the c-sucker job of economic destruction.
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