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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday Vids: Lovers in Japan, Poker Face, Pjanoo

Coldplay has a real catchy dittie: Lovers in Japan. The last minute is a climatic piece of art. (Live At The BBC 6/18/08)

By now, if you haven't heard Just Dance, then Poker Face will be no big whoop to you. Come out from under the rock you live under and live a little. (Link)

Eric Prydz Pjanoo is purely instrumental fun. Just a simple piano sequence repeated over and over, but gets the blood moving if you are inclined to such flights of dance fantasy. Indians dancing is pretty cool too.

Eric Prydz vs. Pink Floyd. Prydz wins because we do need PROPER EDUCATION!!! (You can't have any pudding!!!) (Check out the moves of these kids!!! I get hurt watching them.)

Enjoy your Saturday!!!
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