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Friday, July 13, 2007

A Blog about Nothing: Just for today

It's Friday...That's the reason. So why not a blog about nothing. Seinfeld made a mint on the idea.

It's sunny, 75, and my mind isn't into much of mood to write you why George Bush has to be the worst President ever (unless the stock market is your bag) or Dick Cheney must be the most powerful Co-President in existence. Or that Mark Cuban has tossed his hat in the ring for the purchase of my beloved, much maligned Chicago Cubs. Course I had to reference a friggin' blogger to make this a blog worth reading. (No time to do my own research.)

I need to go get a pizza pie and fill my gluttoness need. Or down a pint or two at the pub. Or find a woman named Elaine that isn't too hideous or too much like Julia Louis Dreyfuss on Seinfeld. Don't need her issues to be as quirky as mine right now.

The Blog about Nothing is out there for your eyes to scan. I knew that couldn't be resisted.

Have Good Nothing Weekends! I'll be back on Monday...unless I land in the pokey for something yet to be determined.
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