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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Wisdom: From me? Naw, from a Rogue

I stopped by my friendly neighborhood Rogue Professor (Michael B. Dycus, Ph.D) for some sage advice.

Lately, I've been in foul and ghastly mood. It might have to do with the fumes I huffed in while driving my poor '91 Corrolla to its ultimate demise off dead car's curve. It racked up 320,000+ miles in the past 16 years, 100,000 while I was driving it over the past 3 years. In the end, the gas tank and fuel line corroded so bad, I was leaking plenty of gas.
Mine was Blue. And Rusty. And had 2 non-working doors.

(Sunday: I spent $25 dollars to complete a 75-mile route. Normally it takes $10-12. Monday: I spent $45. Realize that I wasn't given much of an option by my immediate family, who in their mindset, figure it's ok to do this. The mechanic was not "in" on Monday. So, I had to "make due." Tuesday: The car was deemed undriveable, well duh!, and my mother fretted over getting any other vehicle. Her sister said, "Well, I'm not going to get him another one. Will just have to call it quits on that paper route." Meanwhile, my mother finally worked out a deal for a '95 Taurus for $700. (Oh, I do the looking if I had a cent to my name. The money made on the route - well, I never see it. ))
Back to The Newspaper Chase, The Rogue Professor posted the following 10 Wisdoms:

10 Wisdom Keys
When you want something you've never had before, you must do something you've never done before.
In other words, you have to "break the pattern" of normalcy.
Something desired and unattainable under your current pattern of actions will only be acquired when said pattern of actions are changed to incorporate "inclusion" of the thing desired.
When you are where you belong--your "genius" will appear.
What's your passion?
What are you very good at or most interested in?
Whatever that "place" is, that's where your genius lives and will blossom.
Give that place an assignment(a goal), and it will surely bring itself to the fore.
What you can tolerate--you will not be able to change.
If you refuse to tolerate it--it must change.
There's not a more simple way to put it.
You have to get sick and tired of being sick and tired.
Once you've done that, things will change.
It's just one of those Laws.
What you make happen for others, will eventually cause a reciprocal action as well as attract like actions.
Doing good things---attracts good things.
This concept increases exponentially over time.
The Secret of your future is hidden in your daily Routine.
Habits create your future.
Whatever your current state of affairs are is the direct result of your daily habits, thoughts, and actions from childhood until now.
Change your thoughts and routine to fit the desired outcome of what you want for the future----your future becomes created.
Your rewards in life are decided by the kinds of "problems" you are willing to solve for others.
You are rewarded (paid) in direct proportion to your value to society.
Find a problem--locate or create a solution--then offer that solution, solving the problem.
Do this and the rewards come.
What you respect---you will attract.
Thoughts have a profound presence.
What you think about in terms of respect, creates actions.
The more solid the thought patterns, the greater attraction of the thing respected.
You can respect ideas, concepts, processes, systems and philosophies.
Find time to "sit at the feet of uncommon" people.
These are the ones who are successful.
Give them your attention (respect).
The results: you will learn more, and in doing so, attract more things to learn and incorporate.
If you insist on being a "taker" abundance will be much more difficult to acquire.
Instead, focus and concentrate on being a "creator" of values rather than just a "consumer" of values.
Create or introduce a value that provides a solution and abundance follows.
If you are not creating values, you are consuming values.
Value consumers seem to be caught up in the cogs of mediocrity--which only begets more mediocrity.
Utilize Belief, Acceptance, and Release.
Believe you can have what you desire.
Accept the fact that it will occur.
Release it--give it permission to occur.
These are probably the most profound, yet perfectly accurate concepts you will use and cultivate over time.
Plant an "uncommon seed", it will bring forth an "uncommon harvest".
What "uncommon seed" can you plant?
What value could you create or introduce?
Give this seed its "assignment" as you plant it.
It can only bring forth that " uncommon harvest"--the abundance you intend.

Latin for: "I will either find a way or make one"

I would say those last words are pretty decent thoughts to live by. I'd say most famously successful people, not through inheritance or their looks, have had to "MAKE A HOLE" in a situation in order to get their thoughts or ideas accomplished.
Anywho, I will try to follow these ideas - though they do remind me of other books (I dissed recently.)
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