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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Oldies but Goodies: A few songs, a joke and a smile

Stevie Wonder on Sesame Street doing Superstition. Love the horn section!!!

The Rokes -Let's Live for Today. Grass Roots did the song too - more popularly.

Grass Roots doing it, introduced by Jimmy Durante (Ah cha cha cha!!)

And The Bee Gees live in 1997 doing 1970's classic Tragedy. Even a high voice doesn't mean they couldn't be cool!!!!

The Joke (on the cusp of another Middle East peace conference in Annapolis):

A older Jewish man was walking through the Golan Heights, in usual thought about what the world was, is and what it should be. By happenstance, he stumbled upon a partially cover lamp, with ancient decor and an odd shape. He picked it up and rubbed off the sparkling sand.

With a jolt, an eruption of gas from the lamp appeared. The Jewish man nearly stumbled and fell, but managed to keep his balance as he gripped the bottle. The gas took form; a genie of purple persuasion with bells and silken pajamas finally came into clear form.

"I am the genie of the lamp! I will grant you one wish of anything you desire - but only one! Choose wisely." The genie thundered.

"I wish for peace in the Middle Eastern countries, specifically Israel, Lebanon, Iran, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Turkey," The Jewish man retorted.

The genie, paused, taken aback, and unfortunately proclaimed: "I am sorry dear friend. I can not grant you that wish. The complexities, ramifications and brutal history of this region is beyond my powers. I will grant you anything...anything at all, but alas, not that."

The man stood perplexed, then an idea: "Well, can I obtain a blowjob from my wife?"

"So......when you're saying peace, exactly what do you mean?"

(The joke was read in a GQ magazine some years ago.)

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