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Thursday, April 2, 2009

24 Hours...to live: What would you do?

Awhile back, about 2 years ago, I posted to a renunion site (now Mylife.com) what I would do with 24 hours to live. Here's my 10 things:

Do all the things I never have done due to fear or some hang up externally or internally.

1) anything enjoyable
2) tell people off that deserve it
3) Go skydiving
4) Make [wild] love
5) Eat great seafood
6) Say goodbye to a few friends
7) Watch a sunset by the ocean
8) Fly a plane
9) Give all my money remaining to a down on his luck person
10) Kiss the woman I love before I die


11) Swim with sharks - A great white would be thrill, in a cage of course.

12) Taking batting practice at Wrigley Field, Dodger Stadium and Fenway Park.

As you notice, there is some unfinished business in my life. Flying a plane, making passionate love (not necessarily to the true love, though, that would be special) and skydiving - risky tasks for some, ordinary for others.

I is hard to pack a lifetime of missed opportunities into one day. Flying will cure some of that. You can get pretty much anywhere in the United States in 2-3 hours. But to have to do all that - then die. Boy, that would surely suck.

So why wait?

What usually keeps me from enjoyment such as this is routine and required responsibility. My paper delivery route is a nightly routine. Cannot go anywhere with significant cash.

I wished recently that a superhot woman (say eliza dushku above) would want me for a night companion. But it would be like 2AM and I would have to decide whether to blow off (heh heh) my route or make love to eliza. Now, of course, the animalistic male say, "SCORE BABY!" While the responsible, she's-just-not-gonna-be-that-in-to-you-after-your-performance-baby says, "Wait for true love. You have to pay (your mother and aunt's) home equity and eat in the future."
You can't afford to get fired. The angel with no brains reflects.
But then after watching Dollhouse, I must say I gotta be a major tool not to have such reckless abandon.
So that's the world in which I inhabit.
Today, for example, the car I drive got another brake job (eight months since the last one) for $238. Now, I DO NOT drive reckless or ride my brake. But had other problems (steering column broke) that could explain that. Meanwhile, the auntie after a $700 fucking on Monday, has a transmission leak that caused a no go vehicle. (So that's my life - I live at home. LOSER!!!)
I hope you last 24 hours post can reveal the sadness of the life you lead.
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