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Friday, January 4, 2008

American President Poll: Who people liked to run America

In my only poll: If you had a choice between these former Presidents, who would you pick to run this country in 2008?

In 99 votes, William J. Clinton beat Ronald Reagan out by 1 vote. The fact that FDR and Lincoln did not receive more love (considering FDR had The Great Depression and WWII and Lincoln had the Civil War) reflects something.

1) People who voted did not know/care about their accomplishments in light of those hard times
2) The most recent Presidents (and most often talked about in terms of policies) were considered able to right this ship
3) The two at the front were representative of the RED-BLUE mentality we have in America
4) I give those who voted too much credit - and the sample is too small

Kennedy, surprisingly, was dead last. Whether that reflects the "truth" of his Presidency, the rumors surrounding his personal life, the division over his assassination or his family in general, I can only guess.

But for 99 votes, what can I really tell?

With last night's first step to election, Barack Obama and Mike Huckabee won in somewhat stunning fashion. But it is only one state. And neither man is going to have a remotely easy path to their parties nomination. (Bill Clinton did not win primaries at the outset of his future 2-term Presidency. )

Huckabee appeal to the ultra conservatives might be just as divisive as Bush's appeal was. Arkansas governor in the White House? Sound familiar?

Obama has the "change" mantle to uphold against a woman who knows the game of politics better than most men, except for her husband. John Edwards is a fine politico. That's all.

Whomever wins, will have a nation that in its underbelly is really struggling. Though we do not have the struggles of the 1960's, I think it has become a very odd America which I live in.

Have a Good Weekend!
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