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Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Project: American History X

After I struggle with a cold, I will be starting my next foray into history, American History. It is something of unique interest to me to discover all the names I never learnt or the people narrowly discussed, as if they never had anything of substance to offer to the conversation of America's evolution.

Truth of the matter, I figure it will take 7-10 years to go to the breath and scope I plan to reach in this project. Of course, before I started writing about baseball, I never figured I'd get close to the number of pages or the time spent on that either.

More to the point, I am doing this more for the desire to learn, to clarify and to actually leave behind a very complex and possibly, readable book(s). It will keep me busy. And I will not be publishing it...just doing it for my descendants (which are none) and whomever decides to rifle through my things when I part this world in 35-65 years. Shouldn't be too many folks.

Edward Gibbon wrote of Rome; Churchill of The World Crisis and The Second World War; why not America for me? (I am joking. Those men were, and always will be, heads and hearts above anyone I've read in modern times. Just it tells of the scope I what I am planning to do.)

I suspect it is always a man's firm belief that we will learn from history and try to improve upon its future results. So often though, we repeat the errors; forget the names and faces; bury the people we find unappealing; and ignore the lessons.

I have.

I bet you have too.

So that's the 411 on 2008-20??. A resolution I made to write about this once shining example of a country that may find itself much the lesser by the end of this current century. I don't wish it, but "Decline" is apart of all "Empires."

Later on. That's history.
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