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Friday, January 25, 2008

Hypnotize Me: Heath Ledger did for many

The Notorious B.I.G. - Hypnotize Me

The song was a highlight of Mr. Heath Ledger's first film "10 Things I Hate About You" with his attractive and quirky co-star, Julia Stiles. (Of Bourne Trilogy fame...)

I am not going to go into what Ledger was, or happened. That is up to media hound dogs to sniff out and hunt down that poisonous crap. (I had my feelings...wrong or uninformed as they may have been.) Instead, I'll put together a montage of his work and connections to the stars.

Heath Ledger singing " I Love You Baby" for 10 Things

Heath Ledger and Mel Gibson starred in one of my all-time favorite movies - The Patriot. From the title sequence to the ending, this movie encapsulates the struggle for American Independence in a hodge-podgey way, yet the filmography is to me what makes this a solid movie. The story of Bejamin Martin, father of 7, including Gabriel (near left), trek through his own mind and the landscape of America's first struggle against the British Crown is touching.
It is not a movie without flaws. No movie is. The heart of the story to me appealed - and the characters stay within themselves, in the material written, and hypnotize me to watch this movie plenty of times. I just like the feel of the people, the Colonial times, the language, the travels, the simplicity of it all.
Scenes like this one to the left are touchers. Many more are too.
Heath later gain fame as a homosexual cowboy in Brokeback Mountain. I can not comment on the merits of this film. I didn't watch it. But given the jokes and the critical acclaim, I must believe it was another role Ledger took to task. He also met the woman (Michelle Williams of Dawson's Creek fame) that would be the mother of his only child on the set.
Lastly, we have the soon to be released installment of Batman The Dark Knight . With his role as the Joker, Ledger opposes The Cape Crusader, Christian Bale who gained fame in American Psycho. (An interesting duality to me.)
Whatever you may think of Mr. Ledger, I truly think he will go down alongside the likes of James Dean & Marilyn Monroe due to his roles, his ability and his tragically shortened life.
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