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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

21st Century Search: Too 'Cuil' for Goo-gle

The 21st century is here in the form of Cuil, the new websearch platform. I had just heard about it, on TV, the one now I can barely watch because we are sans cable. (So try 4 channels and nothing on...)

Back to Cuil, pronounced "Cool", the sleek design of this platform is pretty nifty. You can search with 2 or 3 columns shown, it has an interesting way of showing results and you currently are not shown a bunch of advertising for pills or whatever impulse buyers want. It works - and the searches are bringing up more relevant results. I put in "Obama" and got what I wanted. I put in "Sabermetrics" and got more interesting hits than on Google or Yahoo!. I put in "Franklin Delano Roosevelt" and got to see his house/mansion and that history....Cool!

Anna Patterson, President and Founder, worked for the "Evil Empire" - aka Google - and was the architect of TeraGoogle. Russell Power, VP of Engineering and Founder was also instrumental to Google success. Louis Monier, VP of Products, ditto. So, what gives? Not knowing these techies/business developers/scientists at all, I suppose there was a difference of opinion on the future of what Google was doing.

Cuil says they will not keep search history on your computer. They have 3 times as many pages stored to choose from. (That's a bonus!) They have good organization by category embedded in each search. And well, they're cool!

It will be difficult for me to get too excited, but I feel I'll give them the standard galactic trial period of 1 month to win me over. (And of course, giving me a free website for promoting theirs would go a long way to making the trip to China I'll be planning if things don't turn around soon in the United States. Might as well be a rich communist instead of a poor capitalist.)

So hit Cuil! They are too cuil for school!

Cuil means knowledge

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