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Monday, July 21, 2008

More 'Chicago' Music: Rachael Yamagata & David Gray

Electronica got big in the mid-1990's, IMO. Songs 3-5 are a reflection of that.

Worn Me Down - Rachael Yamagata played in Chi-town for 6 years. I can dig it. 'Alias' video with her beautiful, driving song supporting the action. I never watched Alias.

David Gray's Babylon (Live in Chicago): Has had quite a successful career. 3 or 4 solid hits.

Born Slippy -Underworld (Live in 1999) - Trainspotting...

Treat Infamy - Rest Assured - Is a favorite of mine. (Bittersweet Symphony sampled and enhanced...)

Madonna doing Bittersweet Symphony with The Verve

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