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Monday, July 14, 2008

Having a Bad Day: Watching TV and reading probably isn't helping...

It seems we all are victims of the media and being junkies to the fix of news that makes us seem smarter, but in reality, likely depresses. (Unless you are making way more bank that I am...continue reading.) How do we stay happy? I suppose not watching the tele, and riding around with Arthur Fonzarelli, might work to our benefit. Reading these damn blogs that point to our future destruction (guilty am I) is likely a sure causation of your malaise. Hey, it sucks to learn (or hope to learn) why people will fail you, take you for granted or hurt you to no foreseeable end.

So, what can I do? Nada.

I am stuck in the same Hate it Boat you are. No shiny and new answers. No Isaac on the prominade deck pouring you drinks to your heart's content and liver's demise. I wish, oh I wish, someone could make me a real, real rich dude in the Grand Cayman Islands. But that's entertainment at the price of knowledge. Foregoing the actualities of where we are, where we might be going and the rest of being a caring human being on the waves of this stormy time. (It has been stormy before humanity...it just feels like the first time. And not pleasurable like sex is...or is suppose to be, the first time, but isn't.)

I should tell you to stop reading and watch that TV. The source of such pain and painful images. To tune out in these nefarious times. Turn to your inner goodness and try to think happy thoughts and live a happy life. But then someone else, yet to be met, will gouge your eyes our and skull fuck you right out of a normal, happy existence. (Full Metal Jacket, Stanley Kubrick homage)
Then, you'll meet the media, tell your story of pain and tragedy, possibly sue for enormous damages and likely, will not forgive that transgression until your old, senile or give up the idea that person can make whole your life. You'll be depressed. You'll turn back to TV or books to figure out why.
Don't. It doesn't help. Just try to move ahead. Leave behind all that bile and get back to being happy.
Being informed about crises is just our way of being a the guy who slows down to see the police handle an accident. We don't care so much as we like to stare...Back to TV!

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