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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cubs & Yankees: Destine To Meet in The 2009 World Series?

It would be nice to see those Cubs get back to the place where they belong. (Ok, so they have not belong to the World Series since my great-great -grandpa was watching Ty Cobb lace them up.)

But with opening up of the $1.5 Billion House-that-A-Rod-financed-through-Public- Steroids a.k.a. the new Yankee Stadium, and the Cubs making a cameo in April, I think it only fitting that the Wrigley wonders and new digs be home to the 2009 World Series.

Wrigley is going to be a historic landmark that sees less usage by 2016-17. Why you may wonder? The 2016 Olympics makes it a hope they build a brand new baseball stadium with a Chicago heart of Wrigley Field pumping inside of it. It seems far fetched, but with the stadium renovations becoming a yearly task, a new building with the ivy character and internet modernization would be snappy. (Assuming the Olympics, else, no go.)

But looking at the present, 101 seasons and the Yankees. The Yankees doubled down like a gambling addict in spending three times as much as those AIG executives got in bonuses. So with all that cash, it's a lock to be in the playoffs. Right?Well not so fast there, partner. You better get a blackjack dealer that isn't called Doc. (Or hope C.C. is enough medicine for your ailing pitching. And A.J. is more a Jack-Ass when it comes to getting his meds after injuries.)
The Cubs are hoping Fukudome does not Fuk themout of a playoff run. Or that Harden, Dempster, and/or Big Z fail miserably to repeat last season's pitching excellence. Or that Milton Bradley does not break the Boardwalk (or bat) in showing he cares so much about his performance for those lovable Cubbies. Geovany needs to keep his head. That's all. That's all...???

When it's all said, and written about, the Cubs can go far in the weak NL Central. Then on to Philly, NYC or LA, or maybe Florida Sunshine in October. The Yankees have two teams in Boston and Tampa now that can play Yankee ball better than the Yankees. More talent in the minors too.

I don't count them damn Yankees out - but unless they are going to buy every fantasy star in MLB, I have my doubts.
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