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Saturday, May 9, 2009

New Rock Music Videos and a Leftover Copy: U2, The Airborne Toxic Event

The defining band of the 1980's EuroRock:U2
Magnificent by U2 (Live from the BBC on a ROOF!)

Heard this song for the first time two days ago, and said: "Damn! I gotta get something up on them." The Airborne Toxic Event has a 1st album out, #1 on the new artist chart, but they have been together for a while. Well, here's to a persistence and success!!! (Good Luck and don't F-ed it up!!!)
Sometime Around Midnight (May 1st Video on their site)

Lastly, it is strange to post something left from another user. Not really, the library offers these weird occurences often. So, because it seems harmless, because it is indicative of the times we live in, and it includes a British flav, I posted it. Not too personal - more conversational than anything. They obviously won't mind...

Left Over Copy & Paste from the last user:
If it makes you feel any better, I have gone thru this many many times before
and I'm still getting by. Look on the bright side, now you can get a new
job....maybe even in Munich! Wouldn't that make a lot of people happy. Want to
go on Holiday? Do you get seasick? The Islands are LOVELY this time of year. On
a more somber note, I'm still waiting for a job for this season. It's quite late
in coming and I'm begining to think they are trying to tell me something.
Although it would NOT be in my best interest right now, I guess I could retire.
Hey, while you're looking for your job, keep an eye out for me too. If I do have
to retire I will still want to get a few more years of income. Of course, I
could just moore at the base of Tower Bridge and have dinner at Browns on a
regular bases. That's really not a bad thought.

Stiff upper lip and all
that rot

Love Ya

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