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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Baseball Realignment and Travel Concerns Improved

It is time to expand the number of teams to 32 in Major League Baseball...starting in 2009-10.

  1. Add two teams: New Orleans and Las Vegas.

  2. Move Arizona to the American League, joining Las Vegas in that league.

  3. Both cities have minor league teams - Las Vegas would be a haven for MLB -and both need an economic boost. New Orleans has the opportunity to utilize the Superdome until either: a) a new stadium is built b) The Saints move West c) the hurricane threat is addressed correctly.

  4. LSU College Baseball has been the #1 attendance draw in the NCAA baseball in 2004 and 2005. This reflects the market is present for a successful baseball arena.

  5. Arrange the teams geographically. This develops stronger rivalries.

  6. Inter Division games of 24 apiece x 3 teams equals = 72 games
    Same League games of 6 apiece x 12 teams equals = 72 games
    Intra- league play of 3 games x 4 teams equals - 12 games
    Intra- league play of 6 games x 1 team (same city or geographical rival) = 6 games.

  7. Playoff format:
    5 teams (4 division winners and 1 wild card - with the highest record of 2nd place teams)
    Lowest 2 teams (#4 seed and Wild Card) play best of 3 game series.
    Divisional round: #1 seed versus wildcard winner in best 5 games. #2 -#3 seed play best of 5 games.
    Winners play best of 7 for League Championship.
    7 game World Series - no homefield decided by the ALL Star game. Best Record holds home field.

  8. Due to the rescheduling, series can be longer, and cut down on extra travel. For example, playing 24 games against your rivals means that 4 game series are the norm. Instead of 8 three games sets, now you need only 6-four game tilts. Two less series, less travel. Environmentally friendly...

  9. In the league match ups, rotate the home/away from year to year. Six game sets - one week including the off day. This ideally allows for makeup dates, doubleheaders and the rainout date at the end of the trip. This cuts travel by 50%.

Arranging this sort of schedule is easier, cuts out 2-game sets that are wasteful. Also the realignment (not show, but exists in my head) is ideally suited to maximize competitive balance and rivalries.

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