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Monday, May 7, 2007

Heroes: Final Two episodes, nah! Season Two

Just finished watching a guilty pleasure, that being Heroes on NBC. As the season has progressed, we have seen the groups of characters (those with powers) become more intertwined into groups who are motivated to advance their futures or stop the future, as Isaac, the now departed artist-seer has envisioned.

Two characters, Sylar (aka Gabriel) and Peter, are gathering powers from all they contact. They are in the last flashforward episode engaged in an apocalyptic showdown. This is supposed to be prevented by stopping events that took place 5 years prior.

I believe the events that will take place have to moderated - in order for the show to continue. But battles are going to take place, but Sylar and Peter will have to go on, with their motivations, growth and development as characters altering as time, and new connections are made.

Certain characters can and will disappear; only to be replaced by new ones, with new powers. The idea of powers being special, as Sylar's objective has been, will be soon replaced as persons involved realize they are all special, unique and gifted in some way. But it will take about 3-4 seasons to discover that.

This is a show about the journey more than the inevitable conclusions, via the Heroes plot twists. It deals subtlety with the grander issues of our society, good v. evil, as the character's names reflect to a small degree. Surprisely little interaction has taken place in a religious context, but they exist...
No predictions as to the ending of season one. We may see a compromise on the huge doom of blowing up NYC. Certain characters will have to pass, others will come to light as new Heroes (like the little girl that can find anything by thinking of them) either supplant or assist in the journey to....will see.

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