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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The World is Falling Down: Miss USA falls in a landslide

It what was a halfway decent show, considering how bored I was, The Miss Universe pageant had some interesting things going on. A delegate bailed out after her country thought it degraded women, another was told to change out of a garment that reflected too much political bravado, and finally, Rachel Smith (left) was booed and fell on her narrow tush in the evening gown competition.

Honey Lee (pictured right) should have won the competition, in my opinion. Japan though was a pretty good choice, at least better than the USA. Brazil was definitely not bad on the eyes, fellas.

This post is not one of my best works, it's base, has nearly zero purpose since the competition is basically a swimsuit and judge's taste contest.

I will be posting a Part III of Not Always soon. (Or maybe the whole thing...I haven't decided how many parts or where I am going to head.) So Joe, that I don't know, you'll have to wait a spell. (It would help me if I had known you were trolling my site...;) )

I struck gold this morning in the form of junk. In the trash, as I was going through the neighborhood to get high ass gas, I stumbled on a 19-in Computer monitor and a Pentium IV @ 1.5 GHZ, 256 MB RAM and decent storage at 20 Gigs. Now, this is usually junk. But it all worked! Had plenty of downloaded songs - some I liked (of the 1,000) and basic utilities, Microsoft Office 2000 and a few other neat things. Hey, for free and working, I can do something with it. These people did not take the time to hit format C:/ which is fine by me.

I deleted anything personal they had...so don't think I snooped it. Mainly pictures. All and all, a decent Junk find, if you are so inclined.

That's a quick view of the world I am living, falling down to catch myself, like a beauty queen.
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