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Monday, May 21, 2007

A very SAD and STRESSFUL thing: (Mohr) Events that have happen since my last...orally-inspired work by a female

A topic on A Girl in Shorts Talking About Whatever was related to what Belgium woman running for office was promising. It led me to think of what had happen since my last one, which I posted on her blog, but could not resist in posting here.

1) Newt Gingrich became totally irrelevant

2) Another Clinton wants to run the country

3) Another Bush got 2 Chances to run this bi-polar, ritalin-laden, money-grubbing country

4) Bill Gates and Bono are both Times men of the year at the same time.

5) Family Guy came to TV, got cancelled, then came back

6) J-Lo has "BEN" married, divorced, then hooked another star that sings better than she does

7) 3 Spiderman movies, 3 Jurassic Parks, ANOTHER Rocky, and ANOTHER leading man for Batman franchise

8) Will Smith no longer sings...

9) Jennifer Love Hewitt has been "legal" for nearly a decade

10) I've lost $350,000 in ways you could hardly fathom...and did not include any Gambling...Drugs...or a "Bad Investment"

And finally, four forces go into an "all-encompassing" BJ (Mohr's Circle 'Not' Jerk):

  1. Torsional - The rotation of hand around the longitudinal axis of the penis.
  2. Axial - Compression/Tension along the Long. Axis of the member
  3. Bending - The end to end pull, like a hot dog ends touching
  4. Shear - Think Lorena Bobbit and Scissors. NOT on Mine!

These basic Civil Engineering concepts are essential to the proper development of the HUMMER or H3.

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