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Monday, August 6, 2007

Baseball Changes, Milestones & Favorite bloggers: It's Monday!

With Barry Bonds tying Hank Aaron, a new study by Universal Medical Systems reflects that the baseball was indeed changed from Hank's time to Barry's. In using CT scanning, the company headed by David R. Zavagno, has produced scans that reflect the ball has been modified and tested baseballs from the late 1970's versus the late 1990's. The differences were significant.

A significant quote from the release: "According to our CT scans, the balls themselves are juiced," states Zavagno.

A-Rod, another great ballplayer, hit his 500th homer during the ball-enhanced era. Tom Glavine, crafty lefthander for the New York Mets, got his 300th victory over my beloved Cubs on my birthday. So a weekend came and went with baseballs and milestones at the top of the news. (Aside from the Minnesota Bridge calamity...)

To the blogs we go!

Bipolarwellness - insightful, honest, informative and personal blog that I've visited frequently is always a well thought out look at living with, caring for and dealing with life in any state of mind.

Girl in Short Shorts - Witty, Liberal and a lawyer, yep, an ex-lawyer blog has to be the most sexually charged blog I visit. She writes EXACTLY what she's feeling or thinking.

I used to think that was cute. Very diverse, wrote a recent blog on cancer cures that people should be aware of. Just started to go there.

I haven't been by many blogs lately. I got caught up in my own BS for too long. (Like that never happens to you.)

Time for some sunshine... 'Katrina & The Waves' style

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