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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Washington Unrest: Crime & Punishment

Crime and Punishment...sounds catchy, I bet it would make a good book title???

I didn't follow this story too closely, but Idaho Senator Larry Craig must feel like a total fool. First for his incident in a Minneapolis airport, then for the comments related to his sexuality.

"I'm not gay."

Like making a declaration in public ever really solves anything.

It is good to see little changes in world when Senator John McCain and CO. come out of their woods of integrity to say, "resign,"(you fool.) In part because he broke the law. In the greater reality because he makes the bible-thumping, war-mongering party of Lincoln look like a bunch of 3rd rate pedophiles/sex fiends. (No offense to the the real peds and fiends.)

His buds in the Republican political arena, Norm Coleman, Mitch McConnell and McCain, barely let the door open to reasoning before kicking out Craig without even a real ethics investigation. Why? Because the wounds of the 2006 election, with Republican Rep. Mark Foley doing the near catastrophic damage to an all ready easy target, the President, his congressional foils, dupes and yes men, was nearly too much to bear.

In a brutal symmetry, both were heavily invested in preaching an anti-gay, anti-sexual predator platform while engaging in their odd ball behavior.

I don't have any political stance on what should be done...Frankly, Congressman, Senators, Advisors, Judges, Lawyers, Police are nearly all cut from the same cloth. They take power to an extreme; operate on the ethical/moral edge and usually fall off; and judge others by standards they refuse to uphold in their own lives.
In America, roughly 2.3 million people are sitting behind bars. With an estimated 5.7 million out as ex-cons. 1 in 37 people are considered "people not to know." Given the illegal immigrants that so, so many people despised, another 12 million people are likely lawbreakers by being here, if estimates are accurate. So that's 20 million people you wouldn't want as neighbors, or roughly 1 in 15 people in America.
It shouldn't surprise us that 4 or 5 Congressman (I'd say more like 15 to 20) are deviant lawbreakers, hell bent on covering it all up. Just like it shouldn't surprise us that 5% of your police force, public officials, priests, psychologists, teachers, firemen, librarians, social workers, lawyers and judges are parasites of some form or another.
And don't think for a moment you haven't broken bread with characters without character.
Even criminals have seen these folks in action --breaking the laws and bending the rules of morality --just they don't have a voice anyone will listen to.
Bad behavior knows no bounds. It doesn't matter what your religion, creed, sexuality or current income is, people are bound to have something amiss.
But with ALL that being said, it doesn't mean we should never give people opportunities to rehab their lives. Or find out what THEIR story is. It may be far more telling or revealing if we did, and we may find the choices in the road were not so easy to navigate.
The Ultimate punishment is to neglect any hopes in men. To assume he has no soul or compassion or understanding about anything. That after the crime, and repayment to society (even the murderers that will stay forever locked up) we figure, "That's all. Nothing more to ventured on that person."
As much as evil consumes our world, it must have good somewhere in all of us. It may not be the clear good of the soul, but it may be good of occupation or talent that somehow assists the Earth in righting the Ship of Fools it has become to our eyes.
A common term used by our friends in "the system" is that prisoners are a "Recycleable Resource." Meaning they come back, and therefore, provide "The System" with a ready-to-use and abuse means to stay in a healthy business. If it didn't, many would invoke more laws to get people back.
The "Resource" should be constructive, not destructive. Yet, to hear solutions piped over the airwaves of America, we just want to throw away the key on millions. Millions of people - Nearly the population of Canada - because we just want OUR world to be safe.
It isn't that easy folks...it is never just that easy.

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