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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Liar, Liar: Addiction, I do succumb

So, I lied. Two Weeks without writing some rant about life (mine, usually) or society (US, as it is) or Pop Culture (Elvis, Babe, Vick, Beauty Queens that are dumb) is just too long.

I don't have a clear vision --like I did of the Lunar Eclipse at 4:47 AM CST --but I do have the ability to feel connected to a higher thing, like the celestal orb that rotated on, while the big, bad Earth passed in front of it.

I've made my way back to some blogs I had forgotten or negligently ignored in the last few weeks or months. Since I am not mucho dinero enhanced, I don't spend countless hours in front of a computer screen, with some idea just jumping about my mind like a crackhead after scoring a kilo of the Columbia blow. My inspiration isn't exactly linear, or circular, more a trapezoid.
So, the world still sucks. People are still dying in the worst of ways. And Vanna White can't flip letters any faster to cure the ills of society. That's a compendum of things that get rolling in my weed wacker of a cerebellum with the neurons misfiring.
Connections are being made to involve us all. We of the higher order of the phased-out homoerectus are making a mess of this pebble, rock I think, called Earth. Mother Earth, the life giver and erratic life-taker, we depend on spinning at 1,000 MPH without a bobble, or a shake, unlike a hula hooper. She gives us water; provides us food and merry; gives us the oxygen that would sustain us.
Yet we destroy her in our little rumba dance of garbage-making, capitalistic waltz on her toes. And she patiently moves on. We try to make amends only to soon stub her toes again, and maybe tear her skirt.
She continues on...Hopefully we do too.
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